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Being part of a "Special Group" that no-one pays attention to sucks. We don't get laws to protect us, we never get films made about how we're oppressed. Shoot, we don't even get hiring preference. So, here's my list of things my family and I find in the media that's Almost Poly .

  • At the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark , Marion Ravenwood kisses Sallah goodbye a little lingeringly at the dock while the "official" love interest, Indiana Jones waits patiently.

  • I discovered my wife in bed with another man, and I was crushed. So I said, "Get off me, you two!" -- Emo Phillips

  • Dune, the Sci-Fi Channel miniseries and the views of the concubines towards their mates eventually marrying.

  • The entire premise behind Friends and Seinfeld.

  • In Dark Angel, the interest both Zack and Logan have for Max, as well as Logan's calm comment that Zack is in love with Max when he, himself is in love with her.

  • Most of Xena, though especially the interplay between Gabrielle, Ares and Xena.

  • The beer commerical in which he wants a hot evening but the roommate is home. He get an idea and instead of pulling two beers from the fridge, pulls three.

  • Posted by zee:

    Commerical for Daily Defense Shampoo. Now unfortunately I had the TV on mute, but here is what I saw. A guy and a girl at a movie theatre (you see them from the back). He reaches over and touches her hair (which we'll assume is very soft). The camera pulls back and there is another girl sitting beside the first girl and the guy reaches over and touches her hair as well. Then the camera focuses on the back of the first girl's head and we see the guy playing with her hair again. Then a hand from the second girl appears and also starts playing with the first girl's hair.

  • Posted by Michael K:

    There's a syndicated half-hour waste of air time on television called "Elimidate." I've never watched it, but I gather it's about two people who go out on a date, then come back to the studio to rate how it went, or some such.

    A recent ad showed a guy between two girls, with his arm around the one on his left while he's in a liplock with the one on his right. The girl on the left grins the whole time the other two are kissing, playfully punching the guy in the leg as the kiss keeps going. (The kissing couple never come up for air during the whole thirty-second spot.)

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