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How to amass the wealth to keep people off your back

I had originally advised that people making over a certain amount of money need to invest. I want to change that advice now. I don't care what you make, you need to invest.

This isn't about retirement or the fact Social Security isn't going to be around for we GenXers. While those facts are also true, the poly family has another need.

You need "bite me" money.

Yes, I know that there is a much less polite version of the expression ;). However you put it, though the fact remains that you need to have a backlog of income/resources that keeps anyone from having any power over you in terms of living expenses. Can you think of crap you've taken from someone because they were providing you with some or all of your income?

The rat race is a terrible way for anyone to live, but for the poly family is especially dangerous. When your primary source of income is a job, you are absolutely at the mercy of your employer, gossip and your personal reputation. You cannot afford this unless you happen to live in a community that is used to alternative lifestyles. Even if you do, I don't actually think that being at the mercy of any employer is actually a good way to live.

"But a job is how you make money!" I can hear you shout.

Sort of.

Do yourself a huge favor. Read Rich Dad, Poor Dad . It's very simply written and explains basic financial concepts well. It won't give you exact details on what to do. But you don't really need that. Once you've read this book and understand the basics, you'll know better than anyone else what financial strategy your family needs to follow.

It is quite important for the poly family to have income that meets their expenses that does not rely on whether or not someone becomes annoyed by their lifestyle. Obviously, you're going to have to axe your consumer debt . Trying to create an income that covers your legitimate expenses as well as your consumer debt is just plain making things too hard on yourself. It's bad enough when you've got a good job . (sigh) I speak from bitter experience.

I'm not, really I am not, a financial wizard, and neither do I claim to be. However, if you are reading this, you are connected to the greatest information source ever invented. There are tons of investment sites that are really worthwhile. For learning, my two favorite are The Motley Fool and The Virtual Stock Exchange . The Motley Fool is a great place to learn about investing and The Virtual Stock exchange is an online game that reflects what is actually going on in the New York Stock Exchange. It's a good place to play around and try your hand at picking stocks before risking any real money.

9 Steps to Financial Freedom by Suze Orman is a nice place to start and learn about investment and finance. She is quite conservative and advises playing it safe. If that is in harmony with your own strategy, her advice will be useful to you.

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