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Questionnaire for Cohabitation

Kai Laughing Wolf came up with this questionaire for potential living together. It's a good list and a great way to get together and hammer out what's best in co-habitation. If there's an issue not on this list, the way it's put together is still a wonderful jumping off point for discussion about such matters.

  1. Toilet paper should be hung:
  2. I like showers that are:
    a. 10 minutes or less
    b. 10 to 30 minutes
    c. 30 minutes or longer
  3. I get up in the morning around : a.m.
  4. Bed time for me is around: p.m./a.m.
  5. I wake up in a ____ mood
  6. How much do I drink
  7. I know what happens at 4:20 and I'm:
    a. Ok with it
    b. down with it once in awhile
    c. need it to function
  8. My three favorite TV programs are:
  9. I watch ____ hours of TV a day.
  10. I am allergic to:
  11. Dogs:
    a. love 'em
    b. they're ok
    c. No way!
  12. Cats:
    a. love 'em
    b. they're ok
    c. No way!
  13. Kids:
    a. love 'em
    b. they're ok
    c. No way!
    d. Let's have some more!
  14. I need ____ number of pillows to sleep well at night.
  15. I need ____ number of covers to sleep well at night.
  16. The ideal night setting on the thermostat is:
  17. The ideal day time setting for the thermostat is:
  18. I eat and enjoy red meat: Yes or No
  19. Household chores should be:
    a. divided up and written on a chart
    b. handled as each of us sees a need
    c. we each have specific ones which are assigned to us and don't change.
  20. Rent at our apartment complex is due on the: of the month
  21. If I'm short a little money I will:
    a. ask for a loan
    b. sulk a lot and hope you suggest something
    c. pretend everything's ok and never let on that I'm having problems.
  22. If I see a piece of paper in the floor and it has some kind of art form on it I will: a. toss it in the trash
    b. put my pizza on it
    c. Put it on someone's desk
    d. leave it where it is
  23. I am very particular about:
  24. Recycling:
    a. not even!
    b. yes, but only paper and bottles
    c. everything, every time.
  25. I am interested in:
    a. cooking my own separate meals
    b. sharing cooked meals and taking a turn cooking myself
    c. I'll be eating out every night
  26. Dishes should be handled:
    a. everyone washes what they use
    b. the cook cooks and then someone else washes, but we all take turns doing both.
    c. I'll use only paper plates and plastic silverware.
  27. The food that I absolutely will NOT eat is:
  28. Things that will make me nuts in a kitchen are: (example: open cabinets)
  29. I think it's only fair that I have ___ % of the common rooms for my stuff and my decorating tastes.
  30. Books and CD's are best arranged:
    a. alphabetically
    b. by subject/musical style
    c. by color
  31. Incense, candles and room scents - likes and dislikes:
  32. The worst kind of music is:
  33. The best kind of music is:
  34. You're going to be late coming home - do you call or not? If so, when?
  35. If you want to totally piss me off, do this:
  36. When I use the bathroom I require:
    a. total silence and privacy
    b. books, magazines, props and air freshener spray
    c. I'm in, I'm out and it's on to big adventures
  37. If I'm awakened in the night, it makes me:
  38. I sleep in:
    a. regular bed clothes (p.j.s, gown, etc.)
    b. the nude
    c. clothes not suitable for small children to catch me in
  39. Nudity:
    a. fine by me
    b. not for me but if others want to, it doesn't bug me.
    c. cover that up! Always! Every time!
  40. Privacy in the common rooms means to me:
  41. Privacy in my own room means:
  42. I would like my mail:
    a. picked up and put with the daily mail in a pre-arranged place
    b. left in the mailbox until I pick it up
    c. left here:______________
  43. When someone leaves the room:
    a. I'm going to yell at them about leaving the lights on.
    b. I'm going to mention them leaving the lights on.
    c. lights? what lights? I never notice.
  44. Milk: Whole, 2%, Skim?
  45. Left overs and take out bags:
    a. whoever gets to them first
    b. the property of the original owner|
    c. divided into equal portions among the household.
  46. On a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 being a total neat freak and 5 being a total pig) I am:
  47. On a scale of 1 to 5, I need you to be at least a:
  48. If I have a problem with you I would usually:
    a. tell you in a note
    b. call a family meeting
    c. suffer in silence, leave the house a lot and eventually blow up
    d. lose my temper, yell about it but then apologize
  49. I prefer a home environment that is:
    a. calm and quiet
    b. exciting and constantly on the go
    c. a little of both
    d. neither, I like:
  50. I would like my phone messages to be handled this way:
  51. I prefer to have:
    a. lots of friends around all the time
    b. a few friends around all the time
    c. a few friends around off and on
    d. very few people around most of the time
  52. I am scared of: (example:spiders)
  53. I require a totally dark room to sleep in. Y or N.
  54. I can and will keep houseplants alive.
  55. I know CPR. Y or N.
  56. When my parents/relatives call:
    a. wait for a signal from me to decide if I'm home b. take a message
    c. hand me the phone.
  57. Dog pee in the floor:
    a. your dog, you deal.
    b. argh, I found it. I'll clean it.
    c. why's my sock wet?
  58. Laundry will be handled:
    a. one family, one laundry pile and we do it together
    b. totally my own deal.
  59. I am:
    a. totally out to my friends, co-workers and family about all of my lifestyle choices
    b. partially out, please ask before disclosing.
    c. totally closeted about everything, reveal nothing.
  60. When we go somewhere together:
    a. I love to drive.
    b. I'll drive sometimes, but I'm not fanatical about it.
    c. I call shotgun!
  61. Do you have any known backseat driving tendencies, if so, how do you plan to handle them?
  62. I need the following environment to study/work from home:

If you're actually a member of a group marriage, you can join this list. Most of us find it refreshing to be able to discuss poly issues with people who "live the dream" as it were. You don't actually have to be a member of a poly marriage to join, but most members are.
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