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Seems like my slice of life stories tend to have the kids involved in them. Well, when you're married with kids, let's face it, the kids are a big part of life.

We had a rare and lovely opportunity last night -- time with all six of us together.  The Beast and I had been engaged in some silliness on the computer and we were intending to get The Prince to join in.  The Goddess of Giggle was arguing against it -- accusing The Beast and of becoming an incubus/succubus team... I don't know where she gets such things!

While we were urging The Prince to join us on the Dark Side, our son came into the office area and climbed into my lap.  (Our office is in the dining room and has a Sauder desk I am totally in love with, an ergonomic chair for whoever is geeking at the computer at the moment, a rocking chair where someone can visit or consult with the present geek and a beat up la-z-boy.) I was in the rocking chair and you know how Mommy instict is.  Child climbs into your lap when you're in a rocking chair, and you begin to rock.

And often sing.

Our son is majorly into bee-bop and has been since infancy.  While I am an indifferent singer at best, I can follow "Kiss Him Goodbye" well enough. I started to sing that and the rest of the family -- all of whom sing very well, indeed -- joined in.

So here we were, all gathered around the computer, children in our laps and singing old Motown songs.  Our son fell asleep in my arms, which was something he hasn't done in over two years.  As I was laying in bed that night, Our Prince reading me to sleep ( The Vampire Lestat , in case you're interested), I was thinking how much I enjoyed that and I got to pondering.  The politicans tend to scream family this and family that and family some other damned thing.  Seems to me that polyamory can be pretty strong for family values.

A portrait of the Goddess of Java rendered by the Goddess of Giggle

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