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I have to know.

What is it with polyamory discussions on the Internet?

After extensive research (not true, she poured a slug of tequila in her coffee), I have discovered this about the poly community:

  • 10.63% of all polyamorous people on the Internet have "just discovered" they're polyamorous. Fully three quarters of them did so after a torrid affair with their secretaries.

  • 40% of them have such serious jealousy issues they spend more time on that than actually interacting with their loves.

  • 70% of them call someone who lives at least 90 miles away an SO. Of that 70%, some 43.2% of these people have never actually TOUCHED said SO.

  • 3% of them actually live with more than one other love. Half of these are actually raising families.

  • In 60% of the cases, the SO's SOs almost never interact. The sole exception to this seems to be when there is an intervention to discuss jealousy issues.

  • 90% of them could as easily be called swingers as poly. And before KAZ jumps all over this, while I do not argue with swingers identifying themselves as poly, it sure is a pain in the ass to try to explain to random horny net geeks that yes, I am poly, but NO, I am not available.

  • 99% of them only believe in freedom when they are not offended.

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