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How to Save on School and Childcare

Poly families do have it good in one respect.  Childcare can be pretty cheap. Imagine a household in which three people work full time and other spouse looks after the children.

No, we don't do that... ALL of us work full time, darn it.  But, we don't pay a dime to a daycare center.  We tend to have one spouse on "kid call" while the others work.  This is good for the children.  They get all the attention they could want and adults can work without going mad from being tugged at by small children.

This also makes homeschooling feasable. Yes, folx, we homeschool! Right now, I only have one article on the subject, but don't worry.  After a few years of this (or even months) I'll have plenty of opinions and insights to pass along.  The article right now is actually by a delightfuly poly lady who has been homeschooling her own little darlins for some time.

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