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What is Polyamory? Recommended Reading

Polyamory for the Practical

Emotional Issues

Infinite Love
Watch out for the Moose!
The Prince explains why marriage can be like driving on a country road in Rural New England.

Secondaries are People Too
Secondaries in poly relationships often don't get the attention they deserve. Remember that polyamory is about love, and that people have feelings!

On Civilized Discourse
The Monkey has agreed to allow one of his articles to be reprinted on the OLQ site. If your family is getting into discussions, arguements and endless fruitless talks, you might wanna check it out.

Finding New Partners
Finding new partners can be problematic for the poly couple. So, what do you do?

In or Out of the Poly Closet? What's Best for you?
Should you be in the polyamory closet or out, and why?

Okay, I've finally done it. After two and a half years on the 'Net, this site actually has an article on jealousy and how to cope.

The Other Guy's Moccasins
You can't know what the other guy has gone through unless you've been there. Here's an example of how it works in a polyamorous relationship.

Polyamory and Stress Management
A person living in a group marriage, for all its joys, needs to be better than average at managing stress. This article is not comprehensive, but meant to give some basic techniques.

The Cheater Liberated? Think again.
So, you've read all this great information on polyamory. You've got it down. You understand the Zen of it. So, you think you now have the proper context from which to explain to your wife/husband all about your lover. BZZZZZTTT! Here's why.

Yes, it's taken me over a year to write the obligitory Communication article..... Next thing you know, I'll stoop so low as to write one on jealousy. However, do read this. It's important to the health your poly family.

A Teenager's Poly Perspective
But what about how the children feel about poly relationships? It's a question that is often asked and is worth an answer. We finally have one from a genuine flesh and blood teenager living with poly parents.

Please Don't Feed the Quad
The Goddess of Java has a very special opinion just for you .

Living with Poly Introverts
While you would think that polyamory attracts the extrovert, not necessarily. The Goddess of Giggle explains the abject horror that a poly extrovert faces in coping with her three introverted spice.

Hard Choices
Sometimes, as a polyamorous person, you meet someone with whom you would love to develop a relationship that is in a closed one. What do you do in such situtations? Here is one man's experience and what lessons he draws from it.

Drawbacks of Polyamory
Polyamory is not all wine and roses. It has a great deal of advantages, but there are some serious disadvantages. Please read this, so you will get a heads up.

Polyamory vs. Swinging
A comment by a member of the PolyFamilies e-group during a discussion of the difference between polyamory and swinging.

Why Poly
Society doesn't accept polyamory nor the poly marriage. So why choose this?

True Love
An essay by the Goddess of Giggle on the nature of "true love" and how it applies to a poly marriage.

One Poly Morning
This was before we all moved into the same house, though it was a morning spent under the same roof. My daughter no longer spends nights in the kitchen. She has her own room.

One Poly Evening
This also happened before we all moved into our house. We are able to separate the dining room and office now.

A Poly Day
Believe it or not, this is an actual "Day in the life of Our Little Quad".

Polyamory and a Hospital Stay
Some of the endless benefits of a group marriage occur because of the support network you have right in your home. See how this can work in an article by the Goddess of Giggle.

Poly Traditions
Even the non-traditional family needs its rituals and traditions. Here's how we do it.

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If you're actually a member of a group marriage, you can join this list. Most of us find it refreshing to be able to discuss poly issues with people who "live the dream" as it were. You don't actually have to be a member of a poly marriage to join, but most members are.
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